Introducing the Most Flexible Joint in the Market… Flexitec

Acting like a shock absorber, Flexitec takes the stress out of fixed and rigid PVC plumbing installations.

When regular molded PVC fittings are installed in reactive and unstable soils, they can over time, inherit weak spots due to the stress of soil heave and movement. These weak spots can lead to fittings cracking, shearing and even eventually failing. Unstable and reactive soil sites pose a huge problem in construction.

Plastec’s unique Flexitec joint is made from an ABS skeletal frame and an elastromeric (rubber like) sheath which have been injection molded together creating a fitting of superior strength and flexibility. Making Flexible the complimentary solution to drainage design across all soil classifications.

Flexitec fittings have:

  • superior resistance to UV aging and general weathering
  • the ability to be used in temperatures ranging from -50 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius
  • superior fatigue resistance
  • excellent resistance to acids, chemical detergents and cleaners; and
  • the ability to return back to shape after use in a wide range of temperatures.


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